Times Have Changed: Virtual Doula

We are active people living in a bustling world. The millennial generation seems to be the busiest of them all. We are working 2 jobs, getting our masters, starting new businesses, giving attention to self-care, and chasing our dreams every single day. Sometimes the only way for us to communicate with our friends is through 10-minute phone calls and random memes. It even seems that we’re abandoning the social use of social media and transforming it into a platform for brand creation and economic growth. This constant use of technology is what we are comfortable with. The convenience is extraordinary. It is no surprise that my space as a doula has expanded into the realm of the virtual world.

Over the past two years, I have been working diligently as a caretaker for many women providing emotional support and guidance during their unique journey. Some of these women have been family, some friends, some random people on Instagram. Although each particular person’s story has been fiercely different, I find myself communicating with them through the phone more frequently than I do in person. I could probably record hundreds of support hours by simply looking through my DMs, texts, facebook messages, and emails. For this, I am truly thankful. What I find amazing is the idea that comfort can be adequately provided solely through a few messages, and that we can learn so much from our virtual exchanges. It is this realization that allowed me to accept my place in the world of virtual doulas.

Traditionally, doulas offer emotional, physical and intellectual support in person. This allows you to vibe with us and form an extremely personal bond. But, as we all know, we no longer live in a traditional world. As you look into choosing a doula, you may wonder what you should be searching for. Remember to look inward. Know you and your partner’s goals and wishes. Also, assess the direction of your life and be intentional. When hiring a doula you are essentially adding a member to your birth force, much like adding a family member that you actually like.

Your prenatal and birth experience should reflect your most ideal lifestyle. If you are a busy individual, the idea of working with a doula might make you feel that you should slow down to create time to get to know your doula.  If you are someone who moves at an exceptionally fast pace and would appreciate the benefits of having a doula, I encourage you to look into virtual doulas. A virtual doula is for those families who feel confident about not needing assistance during birth or families who prefer more privacy during this transition. Most families who opt for a virtual doula prefer the wonderful abundance of information about creating a birth plan, coping with labor, lactation support, and postpartum planning at their fingertips, without having to meet in person. Busy families, expecting mothers, and partners usually enjoy the straight forward confidence given in a virtual partnership with a doula. Instead of scheduling in-person meetings, they'd rather call or text their doula for emotional or informational support. Virtual doula packages are usually significantly cheaper than traditional doula packages and offer an extensive amount of flexibility.

Being a part of this insanely fast-paced world requires an insurmountable amount of support in many different forms. The prenatal period, birth and postpartum period is no exception. I am excited to offer virtual doula support, especially for those who are not in my area. If you are searching for a doula and would like more information, I am happy to help assist you and even recommend options to you.

Sending love and light for your specific Journey,

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