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Meet Your Doula!

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Tanishia Thomas, Owner

Tanishia Thomas, owner of Journey Doula Services, LLC began serving the birthing community two years ago. After having her son and completing her bachelor's degree, she ventured to Washington, DC to obtain formal birth doula training through DONA International. Following establishing Journey Doula Services, Tanishia became a member of the National Black Doula Association to support its mission of fighting the black maternal mortality rate through educational empowerment. With services being the core of her work, she joined Durham Volunteer Doulas, a non-profit organization that provides free and accessible doula care to all women. Being a firm believer in art therapy, Tanishia uses her spare time to create and sell fluid acrylic art in efforts to directly support the birthing community while effectively de-stressing. Although she has her hands full with a full-time job, a young child, and a business she is very passionate about, Tanishia will also be pursuing a Masters of Business Administration and her Breastfeeding Specialist Certification in the fall to serve her clientele better. As always, Tanishia is looking forward to educating, growing, and journeying with the birthing community!